Horses are the animals,
That has always been praised.
By their beauty and power,
Everyone has always been amazed.

When they stand tall,
Their grace is worth a stare.
With the shiny coat and a rugged body,
Their silky mane and long tail play with the air.
This scenario had always driven me crazed as,

Horses are the animals,
That has always been praised.
By their beauty and power,
Everyone has always been amazed.

The way they run and the way they move,
Every gait looks so rhythmic.
Their power and their elegance
Has got it’s own lyric.
Stories of them will always be left unerased as,

Horses are the animals,
That has always been praised.
By their beauty and power,
Everyone has always been amazed.

From the battles to the sport,
They have been the best in all.
Their bravery teaches us
To rise after every fall.
All of this has always got me obsessed as,

Horses are the animals,
That has always been praised.
By their beauty and power,
Everyone has always been amazed.

A Horse I Have…

A horse I have
Since he was four,
Never knowing that in future
We had to swim so many seas to make it to the shore.

A partner for Pegasus
Thick coated, double boned that is how he looked,
The deal was done
And he was booked.
Arjuna we call him, just a normal thoroughbred before,
Later in his life
He always rocked the floor.

A horse I have
Since he was four,
Never knowing that in future
We had to swim so many seas to make it to the shore.

Favorite of all right from the beginning,
He proved himself and got the glory.
Met an accident when he was seven,
Which made us all worry.
Being a fighter
He came back with a loud roar,
Getting back to the shows
He told everyone what he was born for.

A horse I have
Since he was four,
Never knowing that in future
We had to swim so many seas to make it to the shore.

Today he stands tall,
With lots of achievements on his name.
He’s one of the best ones in the circuit,
And has all the glamour and fame.
Being a proud owner and trainer
I can’t ask for anything more
He’s that lucky magic key
With which I have opened every door.

A horse I have
Since he was four,
Together, we have decided to swim some more seas
As it’s still not the time to rest on the shore.

Camp With A Olympian

3 Day eventing has always been my favourite event and in the year 2019, we decided to go for the Nationals as both of us, me and Arjuna, were ready to give a good performance. In India we hardly get a chance for a Cross Country run but fortunately that year we got it at the Annual Equestrian Games, which is organised by the Japalouppe Equestrian Centre every year. That was the first year when they kept the category of Open 3Day Eventing. After getting a fantastic score and a good Cross Country run in that, the horse was ready for a bigger run but the only thing that was missing was little polishing before the competition. Luckily, we got a chance to enter the National Eventing Camp, organised by the Equestrian Federation Of India at the ASC Centre and College, Bangalore, under a foreign coach and a former French Olympian Mr.Rodolphe Scherer.

One day I got a call from a very good friend of mine, Mr. Pradyumna Dhumal, who told me about the camp and got me registered. The capacity of the camp was of 20 riders and we had to sit in the reserved category as the seats were full. Again being fortunate, some of the riders scratched their names due to some reason and we were in the 20. Pradyumna unfortunately lost his grandfather and had to step back. Me with my team, reached the ASC Centre two days prior to the camp and to our surprise we were the only civilians selected for the camp and also for the Nationals that was going start right after the camp. Two days we had a good rest and on the third day we were fresh and ready to start working with Mr.Rodolphe Scherer.

On the first day Mr.Rodolphe asked us to show him what we were up to and I started working the horse accordingly. He was a little bit running through the hands as he was fresh but Mr.Rodolphe was happy with us and especially with the horse. On that day he grouped us as per the class in which we were supposed to compete. My batch was supposed to begin at 6 in the morning. After that I met my old Army friends and some senior riders and they started briefing me about the camp. The 10 days were distributed in the following way: 1st day was an observation day, next 2 days were for Dressage, 4th day was basic jumping, again to observe the horses and riders over the jump, 5th day was schooling, 6th day was Cross country, 7th day was to do our respective dressage tests, 8th day was Show Jumping, 9th day was final Dressage test and 10th day was briefing again, as on the 11th day we had to go through a Veterinary check for the Nationals.

We started working from the next day and Arjuna being too much forward we were only working on various lateral movements, spirals and changes in the transition to keep him controlled. The best thing about Mr.Rodolphe was that he had distributed us in groups of 3 so he could give personal attention towards all of us. After finishing with my batch I used to sit with him and keep discussing various things and I used to watch others also as you learn from that. I used to go in the evening also again to watch others working and the best part was that the 3 Asian Games medallists were also in the camp and are my good friends so watching them work was just amazing. One day, one of my best friends and one of the best riders in India, a Chief Instructor at the Embassy International Riding School, Mr.Ashish Limaye, came to meet me and gave me fantastic tips which helped me a lot. On the jumping day Mr.Rodolohe was happy with both of us and on the Cross country day Arjuna surprised all of them as he’s the best one at it. A moment that I remember from the Cross country day, there was this jump with 2 steps and a horse is supposed to go down the first step and then the second but my horse being boosted up jumped both the steps at one time and everyone around became his fans from that day. Our final dressage test wasn’t upto the markbut Mr.Rodolphe told us some keen details that we had to focus on.

Last day we all gathered near the main arena to meet Mr.Rodolphe for the final time where we discussed about the things that we had to brush up and be careful about while performing in the Nationals. We gave him a small present and took his blessings. This camp helped me a lot in every way and Mr.Rodolphe taught me so many things that will stay with me throughout the life. Because of him we could give an excellent performance in the Nationals. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Pradyumna for getting me registered for the camp and Mr.Ashish for being there with me during the camp and the event. Thanks to all the team mates who helped and supported me a lot and thanks to Mr.Rodolphe Scherer for everything that you gave me. I look forward to see you soon and train with you again.

Tushingham Arena

A sportsman lives his life to compete, win and keep upgrading himself. In 2018 I got a chance to compete in my first ever competition in England at the Tushingham Arena Horse Show. I was excited but also tensed as my coach Mr.Ran Arbel told me a day before that tomorrow were are going to the show and you are competing on three horses, horses that had never been to any shows and horses that were young. The first one to go was George, my first horse in England which was bought just four days back, the second was a 4yo mare and the third was a 5yo mare. The only thing that my coach said was that he trusts me and that he won’t kill me if I lose.

6th, May 2018, I woke up early in the morning and started getting all the horses ready and by 8 in the morning we left for the show. I was tensed but I was trying to keep myself cool and recollect all the basics. We reached Tushingham and they had just begun with the first class. We saw the Show Jumping course that had 12 jumps in which the normal course was till the 7th fence and then from 8th to 12th was jump off. My coach went to put my entries and as George was the first one to go in the next class followed by the 4yo mare, I started to tack them up. I was happy to see Daisy and her dad, ex-owners of George who came just to see us going and to cheer us. After every class there is a break in which they increase the height and spread of the fences for the next class so in that we got walked the course and started warming up in the warm up ring and then we were waiting for our turn to go in.

A pretty looking girl came to me and told me that I am the next one to go in. Everyone wished me and I went in the ring. George was little spooky so I trotted him around the entire arena. In few moments he was quite comfortable, the bell rang and we started the course. Focused, excited, tensed we were clearing the fences one after the other and the smile on my face was getting bigger and bigger. After the 7th fence, as it was a jump off we started moving little faster and I don’t know because of the anxiety I forgot where the last fence was. On a turn, I saw the last fence and took a bad and quick turn to that, closed my eyes, sat tight while brave George cleared it easily. I was on cloud 9 to come double clear in my first ever event and that too with a new horse and also my first horse. Everyone was happy and I was feeling relaxed.

After that I was sitting and having a burger and Daisy came running to me a told me that I got placed and that moment is one of the best moments of my life. The 4yo mare and the 5yo mare also came through double clear with nice places and all these three horses made the Tushingham Arena Show a success and a memorable event for me. It was my mom’s birthday also and the three places were birthday gifts for her. After this show I got some amazing opportunities to upgrade myself and we started going to the shows every week. I had truly experienced what they say, you give your best with whole dedication and effort, success will follow.

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Hack Rides

Monsoon is here and this is the best time to experience the beauty of nature, horses and music together and the best way to do this, is to go on a hack ride.
‘Hack’, the word was originated from a place called Hackney in London, an area where the horses were pastured and those horses were called ‘Hacks’, used to descried an ordinary riding horse. Later on a breed was also developed in England called ‘Hackney’, the horses that were used for Trotting, Showing and also for Driving. The term defines that the horse is well mannered and is specifically suitable for someone with less experience in horseback riding.

Hack rides are basically recreational rides where a person or group of people go out for an easy ride, it may be along the roadside or in the hilly area nearby. These rides are safe for riders and also for the horses. It is also good for your health as it refreshes your mind, body and soul and there are evidences that suggest that horseback riding and getting exposed to nature can reduce hypertension, improve mood and boost your ability to focus. Sitting tall, looking ahead, and lifting yourself up while going up the slope and getting back while getting down the slope will help to train your body into having a better posture in and out of the saddle. It also works wonders for your confidence in the saddle. There is no pressure out hacking because you are in a fresh mood and on your own route with your own speed. Without even thinking about it, you will be negotiating variable terrain and coping with the unexpected, it all helps to improve how secure you feel in the saddle.

Horses also enjoy hack rides as even they get bored to work in the same arena everyday. It also refreshes them which will then help you to do better training later on. It helps them to build up their stamina and muscles. Going up and down the slopes is the best exercise for them. They become careful and attentive about each and every step they take. It also boosts their confidence as you go across couple of things which they can spook at and I think for the event horses, hack rides is the best way to start with them to start building up their confidence for the cross country.

We at AK Sport Horses And Equestrian Centre are fortunate to have a lovely area to go on hack rides. We go along mountains, valleys and lakes on an easy going road. We ave confident and well trained horses. In monsoons especially it is mesmerising to go out in nature and feel the lovely connection between a rider, a horse and the nature. We have also got a huge track where we can actually gallop. So join us to experience the adventurous rides and I promise, whether it be recreational or for serious training, you are going to enjoy it, get benefited from it and you will surely get a chance to learn a lot. Hope to see you at one of our hack rides. Happy monsoon.

Parental Support

Support, a small word but it definitely play a major role in your life and in everything that you do. Life is like a tree. A tree grows big and blossoms just because it is supported by the roots. Similarly parents are the roots of your life, without them you can’t do anything. When your parents are there with you, you get that extra energy to do what you are doing, when they cheer you, you get half way closer to your dreams and when they pat you after you win, you feel like this is what you always wanted, this is what you worked for and this is a real medal. Also for the parents, if you support your children to go behind their dreams then your children are soon going to make you proud, they are going to work hard, they are going to be happy and most important thing is that they are going to stand again if they fall as they know that their parents are there with them.

I have seen many people supporting their children if they choose to be a doctor or an engineer or may be do MBA, but when it comes to sports then parents don’t take it that seriously. Yes I know that it is not as secured as other jobs, there’s hell lot of corruption, you earn less, cricket is so called the only sport that has money and glamour, but if that’s their passion, if that’s what they like then let them do that, you never know that they can be the one to change everything and make history. India is full of talent but then looking at our population, why is our team for Olympics so small as compared to other countries? The reason is that people think that sports is good if it stays as a hobby and not become a profession.

I am very fortunate to have my mother and father as my parents. They have always trusted and supported me and my dreams. The day I decided to pursue my career in the Equestrian field, I had so many oppositions, people were calling me fool or people were asking me about what am I going to do with horses in my life but my parents were like an armour that protected me from all the negativity. The funny part of the society is that now I have seen the same people coming to my parents to tell them that they’re happy to see me doing something different in life. When I went to England for the first time, it was a big step for us but in that trip I had so many problems but I never stopped working as I knew that my parents are there with me and I wanted them to know that they have not made any mistake by supporting me. Right from the first day of my riding and my everyday practice to every tournament I have competed in India, my dad has always been there with me and my mother has taken care of everything back here. My mentor one day said that there’s only one thing that I miss when I look at you and that makes me feel that you’re so much lucky than me and that’s your dad standing behind you.

Sports is as important as other professions. In many countries it is mandatory to choose a sport of your choice. There are ups and downs in it but that’s the part of everybody’s life. When it comes to security then no one is secured in this world. When it comes to earnings then I would say that follow your passion and you will get various opportunities and you will start earning. So if your children want to pursue their career in sports then support them and their love and dedication for sport will make them do the rest. Incase you feel like if that’s the right choice you have made for your child then just look at the day when your child will represent the country in the Asian Games or Olympics and will win the event and make India and every citizen of India proud. The world will be proud and some kids will start growing, playing and competing by looking at your child making your child as their idol.

Parental support is the most important factor that can change their children’s dreams into reality, that can boost their confidence and make them work hard. And to the children, if your parents are supporting you then you don’t have to worry about anything, just go and chase your dreams and make your parents proud and make them feel that all the sweat and the sacrifices they have done for you has been paid off.

At the end of the day every parent and every child should know that the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents.

Wego And The Jump

Once in a while it is really nice to just go through your old memories and old photographs. It just reminds you of some beautiful things that has happened with you in the past. There is this funny incident that happened with me in the year 2014 when my friend’s nephew and his friend wanted to do a photoshoot with me for their project and some kind of a tournament.

The day was planned for the shoot and being a kid I was quite excited about all this. On 31st March, 2014, my friend Yogesh came with his nephew Rishi and his friend Anand to the barn. Rishi and Anand were professional photographers and they started explaining me about what they had planned about and then I gave them and idea about the sport and horses and about everything that we could do. Then we started setting up the jumps and everything according to them where they were getting that perfect angle or a good light and background.

Once everything was set, I started warming up the horse and they started taking some random photographs. After a good warm up we started jumping some crosses and then some verticals and some oxers. After that they asked me I I could do something different and I made some jumps with old barrels that we had and then we mixed the barrels and the poles together and jumped a decent height and spread with a triple bar, combination of some sets of barrels and tables and all but still they were not looking happy.

After that even I got confused about what to do more as Arjuna was not so much trained then to jump higher than what we had jumped so I started looking around, trying to find something nice and then my eyes got stuck on my scooter that was parked outside the barn. Being an eventer we always find stuff like this around to jump and I knew that my horse was brave enough to jump anything and I asked my friend to get it in. When I told the photographers that I’m jumping over this now, they were blank but they had that excitement back on their face and they got ready to click. Arjuna jumped it easily and after that they looked impressed and satisfied.

They got a prize for their project and I got a nice memory, a memory that always brings a smile on face and a memory that will never fade. I would like to tell all the amateurs that don’t try any stunt like this. It was a great day for me and I just thought to share this special memory with all of you. I hope you liked it.

A Surprise Gift

Gifts are always precious and we all love to get gifts on special occasions but when we get it surprisingly then that becomes more special to us. Similarly last month i.e. on 12th March, 2020, we got a surprise gift, a God’s gift that will always be special to us.

In 2019, it was raining badly for couple of months, especially in Maharashtra, and due to that and not having indoor setups most of the riding schools in the state were not working and the horses were kept just on hand rolling as it gets quite muddy and we can’t ride. During this period, in the month of October, a friend of mine called me saying that he has a grey Marwari mare called Rani, stabled at a riding school and because of the Monsoons they have got a problem to stable her and he wanted to give her away to a nice home where she will be properly taken care of. So he asked me and as I had a place at that time, I said yes.

When I got the news that she’s on her way, I went to the barn to see her. When she arrived, I saw her sitting down in a truck and she was looking very weak and stiff that she wasn’t even able to walk. The guy that came with her told us that she was just in the stable for couple of months due to heavy rains and that’s why she’s got stiff and she’s losing her condition because of some reasons that they were not knowing. Next day we did couple of tests with her and everything was normal except that she was having some worms. After treating her, she started putting on the condition. Then we got her into work and slowly the stiffness that she had also started decreasing and the brave mare also started jumping.

On 12th March, 2020, early morning we exercised her a bit, which we used to do it regularly with her and everything was normal before and after that. In the evening around 9, I got a call from my groom and as I picked up the call, he started shouting “sir, please come to the barn immediately with lots of sweets as we have got a good news for you, Rani has given birth to a foal”. I was shocked and worried as we had exercised her the same morning which is actually not good but we had no clue that she was pregnant, neither she looked like she was pregnant and all of this that happened was never expected. I rushed to the barn and when we reached there we saw the small baby sitting next to her. Both of them were healthy and safe. That has been the most special moment of my life. This had happened with me for the first time so I called my vet and my friends and then they started guiding me properly. We got a bottle for her and she was lying on my lap and I was feeding her from the bottle. After an hour, hour and a half, she got up and she was trying to walk but the cute little baby was losing her balance and all of these moments were so special to us, the moments that we will cherish forever.

The next day she was stable and she had also satrted to drink milk on her own. After couple of days she started running in the stable and bucking and playing. After 2 weeks we got her out and she and Rani were playing with each other, running all around the arena and both of them were looking so happy. My grooms named her Shehzaadi, which means a Princess, as she was Rani, the queen’s daughter. Today Shehzaadi turned a month old and she has become the naughtiest one amongst all of them.

A month before, Shehzaadi was a surprise gift to us. With God’s grace and because of all the well wishers and elderly blessings, everything is well and both of them are healthy. I have been enjoying a father’s life for this entire month and I am sure that this daughter of AK Sport Horses is going to be one of the finest horse in the circuit. Shehzaadi, baby, you are a God’s gift to us and we all love you alot. Looking forward to the day when I will be training you and we will be working together. Love you darling, God bless you.


Eventing is an Equestrian event where a single horse and rider combine and compete against other competitors across three disciplines of Dressage, Cross Country and Show Jumping. The first 3 Day Eventing in which I participated was the Chinkara Horse Show, at the 61ˢᵗ Cavalry Centre, Jaipur. Eventing has always been my favourite event as Mark Todd is my favourite rier and Cross Country is my favourite discipline. Just like my other stories even this story has got some nice incidents because of which this competition will never be forgotten.

In 2015, I had a lovely mare called Fire Baby stabled with Col. Sangram Singh who was training both of us at that time. I was in Pune then and one day Sangram sir called me saying that he wanted me in Jaipur next day, as I had a lovely chance to compete with Fire Baby and the event was supposed to start in 2 days. So I met my father and took cash to buy air tickets for both of us and while coming back from my travel agent I met an accident with an auto and I was beaten badly by 3-4 guys who came out of the same auto. My mom’s bank was right in front and the watchman came and helped me out. I came back home with the tickets and my dad saw me bleeding properly and asked my friend to take me to the doctor where he had to put some stitches on my chin.

Next day I packed my stuff and reached Jaipur and Sangram sir had asked me to change in the car itself as I had to start practicing. When Sangram sir saw me getting out of the car with bandages all over my face and limping he was shocked and asked me if I still wanted to compete. We started practicing and the mare was moving and jumping really nicely. The next morning we again did a bit of jumping around some Cross Country and show jumping fences and in the evening we did a bit of Dressage.

Next day by afternon, the event started with Dressage and I was competing with the Artillery Team. They’d made 3 Day Eventing into 2 Day Eventing as they were covering Cross Country and Show Jumping on the same day. On that day it got dark quite early and the Dressage riders who were left had to perform next morning so for me it became a One Day Event. Next morning after a decent Dressage test of 42 penalties I was all set for my favourite event that was Cross Country. We went again for a quick course walk and then they started with the first rider. I was just observing them standing at different spots as I was excited but also a bit nervous as it was my debut and I wanted to go clear. After warming up I went to the start box with tremendous excitement and a big smile on my face and on the whistle we started galloping. The mare was jumping great and moving so quick that I was not even checking on my timer.

At one spot somewhere near to fence no.15 I missed a turn and within fraction of a second I got that and I turned my horse there and in that chaos, a branch of a tree bashed on my chin and the stitches came off and I started bleeding again. I cleared the rest of the course like that and I was in such bad pain that I had tears coming out but I was trusting the mare and she then got me clear with zero refusals and zero time faults.

After coming back to the hotel in the afternoon my dad asked me if I still want to go and do the Show Jumping as my stitches got loose and I was bleeding badly and two of our team mates got eliminated so the team was not going to place anyways and I had team entry so there was no chance of winning. But then after a while he made me lie down on the bed and started tightening the stitches and made me ready for the Show Jumping. In the afternoon the mare again jumped super with only one drop which was my fault but my parents my coach and everyone who was there, were very happy with my round.

I did not win this show, but I got lots of blessings from all my seniors and the experience was so amazing. Thank you Sangram sir for training me and giving me this opportunity. Thank you mom and dad for your support as that event wouldn’t have been so special to me without your support and help.


Pegasus, a mythical winged divine horse and one of the most recognized creatures in Greek mythology. From the time I bought my first 2 horses to the current day I’ve had many horses in my life and people have seen most of them but Pegasus is the one anyone hardly knows about. Pegasus is my first horse and just for his company and to also have a second horse if needed, we bought Arjuna with him. Pegasus is a handsome bay horse with socks on all the four legs and a star on his head. He was the most sensitive and sensible horse I’ve ever had with the purest soul.

2nd November, 2012, Pegasus and Arjuna came into my life. Pegasus was very quiet and Arjuna was too bossy but still they were best friends. Arjuna was a good jumper, where as Pegasus was amazing on flat. He was born on the bridle as his movements and the way he used to carry himself was just amazing. At that time I was too young, my coach Ex.RM, Vasant Pawar, who used to come with me to the club and help me with horses got a paralysis attack and I was hardly into the equestrian circuit from a year before I bought them so training them or schooling them was too difficult to me at that time. As Arjuna was a jumper, I used to ride him everyday and Pegasus used to spook even at a cross so I never pushed him for jumping and I used to ride him on flat to keep him exercising or take him on a hack with Arjuna. Arjuna for everyone was becoming a center of attraction but for my family, Pegasus was more close to their heart because he was the horse who used to come running to us, follow us everywhere and he was just completely attached to us.

In 2014, he was on rest for a couple of days and my grooms asked me to let him free on the ground to get excess energy out that he had and then start riding. So we let him free on the ground and he was galloping around and as he started running, the dogs started running behind him and I still don’t know what exactly happened but he just started limping after that. We took him back to the stables and started treating him considering that it was a normal lameness. Slowly slowly, he started losing his shoulder muscles and the vets came to know that his radial nerve was damaged and that’s the reason that he is losing that muscle. We started treating him for that with all the calcium and vitamin injections but after a couple of days, we came to know that he cannot recover and we were asked to put him down. I’m still strongly against this and my friends then started looking for better options and then we met this lovely person, Lorenzo Standen who was in-charge of an NGO and they promised me to take care of him and send him to a huge farm they had in Mapoli called L.I.F.E.(Living In A Free Environment) where he could enjoy his life. It was a hard time for me and after thinking a lot we made a decision to send him to Mapoli. It was really difficult for all of us to make this decision but that was the only option that was good for him.

Pegasus is still there at Mapoli enjoying his life with two more ‘horsey friends’. We miss you a lot Pegasus and we all love you a lot. Take care, buddy!